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"Michelle is inventive and knowledgeable. That's why her classes are divers and have a different theme all the time. There are always options for me as a student to adjust according to my needs. I always feel wonderful after Michelle's class.

Tanja van S. - The Netherlands


"Visualize your desires in complete detail and you are sure to attain them (...)" 

 Sri M - The Journey Continues

My Yogic journey started when I enrolled for a yoga teacher training in 2014. I had just quit my job as a consultant because I was unhappy and my health was suffering under the strenuous work hours. Through Yoga I eventually healed all the traumas and illnesses that had accumulated over my life. I started with Yoga Nidra and Asanas and as I progressed I gradually started to incorporate more Meditation. 

In October 2018 I went on a trip to Badrinath, in the Himalayas, with Sri M and his Satsang Foundation. There I was initiated into Kriya Yoga, which are special techniques that prepare for Meditation. I'm so grateful for his teachings and everything it has brought me so far. 

In my classes, I combine my knowledge of traditional Raja Yoga with the latest scientific knowledge as taught to me by Robert Boustany, who developed the wonderful system of Pralaya Yoga. I feel blessed and very excited that I now have the chance to share my knowledge with you through my online teachings. I hope it will bring you as much as it has brought me! 


Eve Michelle

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