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"Hi Michelle! The knee exercises that we did in class really helped. The next day my knees already felt much better. I wanna thank you for that. Pralaya Yoga is really wonderful! Also, you come across very peaceful and happy and give clear instructions." 

Lara - The Netherlands


About Group Yoga Classes

Do you give personal guidance during Yoga classes?  

Yes I do. The Zoom classes are for virtual students only and I have a large screen where I can see everyone so that I can give personal guidance when necessary.

In which language do you teach the Yoga classes? 

I teach in English, but I can always clarify something to you in Dutch if necessary. 

Which Yoga props do I need for the classes? 

You need a yoga mat and something to sit on, such as a yoga cushion or a yoga block. Besides, having at least 2 yoga blocks is helpful since we often use them for certain yoga poses. It is also nice to have a blanket so that you can stay warm at the end of the class when we do Savasana. 

I'm not so technical, how easy to use is Zoom? 

Zoom is very easy to use. You can login with a desktop/laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Of course, the bigger the screen the better you can see me. If you are using a desktop/laptop, then you simply click on the Zoom Link in your confirmation email to enter the online classroom. If you are using a tablet or mobile phone, then you click on the Zoom Link and you'll be asked to download the Zoom app. Follow the instructions to download the app and after that you can enter the online classroom. 

If it's your first class, make sure to login 10 to 15 minutes before the class starts so that I can give you technical assistance if necessary.

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